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Leaving Abuse Supporting Everyone Restoring Survivors

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LASERS - Leaving Abuse, Supporting Everyone, Restoring Survivors, or simply LASERS, - Targeting Domestic Violence Holistically, is an intimate partner violence/family violence program. Stemming from her ongoing activist work nationally, LASERS was established in 2013 and is the vision of national domestic violence and behavioral health advocate, survivor, activist, speaker, and consultant Ms. Lyn Twyman.  Since 2009, Lyn has been vigorously fighting to save this generation and the next from domestic violence. In 2010, Lyn lobbied at The International Violence Against Women Act Advocacy Day on Capitol Hill. Among her years of consulting and activism, she was integral in drafting domestic violence legislation in several states and was instrumental in the 

passage of the internationally historic Public Domestic Violence Registry of Guam. Lyn has three times met with advisors of President Obama to discuss domestic violence programming and privacy protection for crime victims.  She also serves on The State of Maryland Governor’s Office of Community Initiatives Interfaith Domestic Violence Coalition.  Lyn is also the recipient of the Men Aiming Higher 2015 Community Partner Award along with a select group of community organizers and public servants.  She has been a featured guest on several media outlets including WJLA ABC News, WFMY CBS News, WPGC CBS Radio, CBS Radio Los Angeles, Fox News, and Michael Baisden. As a survivor of psychological child abuse and intimate partner violence, Lyn is passionate about helping those who suffer from abuse or with its traumatic effects, especially those suffering from generational and cultural trauma, and mental illness. LASERS was created to give the community a holistic approach to domestic violence.


It is the Mission of Leaving Abuse, Supporting Everyone, Restoring Survivors, a.k.a. LASERS, to prevent domestic violence holistically through education and partnerships, and to benefit domestic violence prevention, first response, and aftercare services.

LASERS Defined

Leaving Abuse - We help educate all victims of domestic violence which will help them leave their relationships with abuse safely and soundly, whether it is physically leaving or counseling that will help individuals solve conflicts and end destructive behavior.

Supporting Everyone - LASERS is open to women, men, and children. LASERS SUPPORTS EVERYONE.

Restoring Survivors – LASERS empowers survivors of domestic violence by helping them to restore their lives through a safe and nurturing environment of support groups, other community based services, ministries, and via referrals to outside agencies.